Upcoming Events

The Kentucky Partnership for Farm Family Health and Safety, Inc. will host the Annual Meeting and Auction on Saturday, February 1st  6:00PM at the WKU L.D. Brown Ag Exposition Center.

The Kentucky Partnership for Farm Family Health and Safety is involved in many activities that promote the health and safety of the community. We also recognize those that help achieve the goals of the organization.

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A meeting of the membership is held in February each year for the purpose of conducting necessary business of the membership and to announce the Board of Directors. An auction follows the dinner meeting with all proceeds used to support activities to advance the mission of the organization.

Since 1995, we have sponsored a Safety Day for youth from Warren and surrounding counties. The day is filled with fun and educational activities.

AG Safety Calendar Contest

The purpose of the calendar cover photo contest is to promote agriculture health and safety and the
mission of the KY Partnership by printing and distributing 1000 calendars featuring the top 12 art
contest entries from 4 th grade students who attend the Progressive AG Safety Day and the winning
photo for calendar cover from a member of FFA.

Labor Day Recognition

While we appreciate your membership fee and participation in the Labor Day Recognition program, we also welcome a one-time donation to support our mission. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of farmers and their families in our community.

Every September, the Kentucky Partnership, a nonprofit organization, demonstrates appreciation for our farmers/farm families with a Labor Day Recognition Program. Individuals and businesses donate money to the Kentucky Partnership in honor of, or in memory of a farmer and/or farm family. The Sunday before Labor Day, a list of farmers and donors is published in the Bowling Green Daily News.